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    • This is a great update I’m glad to see some of the bug fixes along with new content! This is exactly what I like to see. 
    • Very nice, Super excited about the Daily Tasks 🙂
    • Hello everyone, I'll keep this short so we can jump straight into this update. Firstly, thanks for the bugs and suggestions that you've all been posting, i'm trying my best to fix them in a timely manner. I'll try to post an announcement sometime this week with my plans to revive Katagon along with some of the stuff we're working on behind the scenes, stay tuned! Daily Tasks At last, Daily Tasks are now complete! I can say with confidence that we've got one of the best Daily Task system in the RSPS scene. Here's how it works: Server Reset All tasks along with the global challenge get reset at 00:00 Server time. After reset, players will lose all progress on their current tasks unless they've already completed it and have been rewarded. In addition, the reward for the global challenge will be given during this time. Challenges Every 24 hours, players will receive a certain number of tasks to complete. Players can receive up to 6 challenges depending on their donator status. However, normal players can only be assigned two tasks per day. Global Challenge Every 24 hours, players have the ability to compete in the global challenge. This is a task that requires players to do a specific action, without any amount or limit being stated. The player who's completed the assignment more than anybody else will be declared the winner once reset time comes around. For example, let's say the global challenge is "Chop Magic Logs".  The player who chops the most magic logs by the server reset time will be declared the winner. Information regarding the global challenge is located in the bottom-left corner of the Daily Task interface.  Re-rolling & Extending Tasks Rerolling a task assigns the player a brand new task. This costs 7500k and each task can only be rerolled once per 24 hours. Extending tasks increases the workload and also the rewards. This costs 15m coins and each task can only be extended once per 24 hours. Rewards Challenges Mystery Box: Players will receive 1 mystery box for every daily challenge they complete. Coins: Players will receive 10m coins for every daily challenge they complete. Daily Points: Players will receive 1 DP for every daily challenge they complete. These can be spent by trading the Daily Manager in the edgeville bank. XP: Players will receive experience in the skill that corresponds with their task. The amount of exp is dependent on the players level in the skill and is not specific to the task itself. Global Challenge Experience in the corresponding skill Legendary Box 5 Daily Points 25m coins Defensive Warrior With the defensive warrior we'd like to introduce some new items to Katagon, the Abyssal Dagger, Abyssal Bludgeon and the Dragon Warhammer! Now you must be wondering how you can fight this formidable foe. Here's all the information you need in order to try your chances at receiving these new items: The Defensive Warrior will spawn every 3 hours somewhere in the wilderness The Defensive Warrior does not deal much damage to his opponents, he relies on his defense along with his 12,000 hit points As opposed to the Wildy Wyrm, only ONE player will receive loot once the Defensive Warrior is defeated. Notable loot from the defensive warrior: Dragon warhammer Abbysal dagger Abbysal bludgeon Uncut onyx Mystery box Dragon boots Abyssal vine whip Korasi's sword Dragon claws Dexterous prayer scroll Arcane prayer scroll 100K Blood money Donator Store The following items have been added to the Donator Store: Light Ballista Heavy Ballista Dragon Warhammer Abyssal Dagger Abyssal Bludgeon Imbued Heart Miscellaneous Demonic gorillas now drop Ballista pieces! Javelins are now equipped as ammunition Abyssal demons now drop Abyssal daggers Fixed a clue that requires you to search the boxes in Lumbridge The top floor of the Camelot castle is now accessible Ring of recoils now get removed when adding to a Ring of suffering Players can no longer use the stairs in Ardougne to no-clip onto the next height level The pest control gates have been removed The gates outside the King black dragon lair have been removed Firemaking tasks now progress when using a bonfire] Lowered the amount required from 300 to 100 for the Barbarian courses diary task Lowered the amount required from 1500 to 750 for the total courses diary task Lowered the amount required from 5000 to 2000 for the Light magic logs diary task Buffed the stats of the Infernal max cape Lowered the price of Dragon darts in the Blood money store Added Dragon javelins to the Blood money store Crystal key pieces are now noted when received from the Evil tree Ironmen players can now purchase items from the slayer store You will receive a message when logging in while the well is active Daily diversions now get announced in Discord when spawned The well bonus will now save when the server restarts   Kind Regards, Arryn
    • Hello and welcome to everyone who couldn't be bothered calculating everything by yourselves!
      This guide will tell you exactly how much of everything you need to level yourself up to 99 herblore in the fastest way.
      I will be assuming that you will be doing this on a weekend, when double xp is active, and have a good budget for this guide, otherwise you will need to do double everything written here.
      Let's begin, shall we?

      First off, we want to find the herblore store, which is in the store building north-west of the bank.

      After clicking on the NPC, select the "Herblore store" option in order to start buying your first herbs and secondaries.

      Now, obviously, herbs... Are herbs.


      Secondaries are the resources you use to complete the herb potion.
      (You can only mix the herb with water first, not the other way 'round, which is why theyre called "secondaries")

      Now that we have that out of the way, let's discuss what gives you herblore exp.
      You get exp from making potions. Usually, the higher the level requirement needed to craft that potion, the more exp you get.
      You also get exp from cleaning herbs, but it is much less than from actually completing the potions.

      The herb tier (going from lowest level to highest level) goes like this:
      Guam -> Marrentill -> Tarromin -> Harralander -> Ranarr -> Toadflax -> Irit -> Avantoe -> Kwuarm -> Snapdragon -> Cadantine -> Lantadyme -> Dwarf weed -> Torstol -> Felkstalk

      From now on, this guide will be seperated into the different gamemodes, and what the most efficient way that I've found for each
      gamemode to get to level 99 is.
      The Novice mode is very easy to level up. It's so easy that you can skip through many potions just by cleaning herbs.
      After all, the mode sports a x55 exp rate for Skilling.

      Level 1 to 22 -  Clean 28 Grimy guam.
      Cost: 6 076 GP.
      Level 22 to 35 - Clean 28 Grimy harralander.
      Cost: 12 572 GP.
      Level 35 to 42 - Clean 28 Grimy toadflax.
      Cost: 141 904 GP.
      Level 42 to 49 - Clean 56 Grimy irit.
      Cost: 155 008 GP.
      Level 49 to 54 - Clean 56 Grimy avantoe.
      Cost: 285 880 GP.
      Level 54 to 59 - Clean 84 Grimy kwuarm.
      Cost: 300 384 GP.
      Level 59 to 68 - Combine 28 Clean kwuarm with vials of water, then, combine the kwuarm potions with limpwurt root to make Super Strength potions.
      Cost: 29 708 GP.
      Level 68 to 74 - Clean 28 Grimy lantadyme, then combine them with vials of water, then, combine the lantadyme potions with dragon scale dust to make Anti-fire potions.
      Cost: 260 540 GP.
      Level 74 to 78 - Clean 28 Grimy dwarf weed, then combine them with vials of water, then, combine the dwarf weed potions with wines of zamorak to make Ranging potions.
      Cost: 242 844 GP.
      Level 78 to 81 - Clean 28 Grimy lantadyme, then combine them with vials of water, then, combine the lantadyme potions with potato cactus to make Magic potions.
      Cost: 310 912 GP.
      Level 81 to

      Guide is WIP

    • Nice to meet you and welcome to Katagon!